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You may guess things are a little quirky in this 380 square foot slice of magic. Because of our limited space, we are not able to use the large food purveyors that bring in supplies for the larger restaurants. As a result, our menu is unique, based on whole foods with fresh, local, high quality ingredients.

The Flatiron has no grill, open flame, flat top, deep fryer, or any other industrial equipment. So just how does the magic happen? We use a toaster oven, a convection oven, a Panini grill, an induction burner, soup kettle and waffle iron. And the eggs? They are steam scrambled on a dedicated wand on the espresso machine. That’s why they only come one way- light and fluffy!

The Flatiron is committed to supporting local businesses. Our tortillas are handmade at Verde Lea Market in Cottonwood. Much of our produce comes from Whipstone Farm in Paulden, Arizona.


Fresh fig and slivered almonds.

New to The Flatiron…Waffle Sundays! Our waffles are gluten-free, multi-grain, made from scratch, and served with real butter and pure maple syrup, with a different flavor featured each week.

The Flatiron bakes all their sweet-treats in house, much of it gluten-free. On a typical day you’ll find scones, quinoa breakfast blondies, banana polenta cake, vegan/gluten free chocolate chip cookies and triple chocolate brownies.

“Love People, Cook Them Tasty Food” is more than just a sticker on our refrigerator, it’s our philosophy.